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Our Strategy
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How We Tailor Your Strategy

It all starts with meeting you. Smart investments are never one-size-fits all.

We always start with a discovery call. We want to know your story. Your goals, your dreams, your family. We also want to know about your investment history, risk tolerance, and current and future financial goals.

Then we create your plan. Your plan takes into account all we learned in the discovery call and our expertise. Your custom strategy covers risk management, future performance, and portfolio management and monitoring. We grow and change with you!

Since change is the only true constant in our world, we periodically meet with you to review your portfolio. We also continually evaluate our performance to make sure your financial goals are being met!

Our Investment Philosophy

Long Term Focus

In the short-term, the market is driven by emotion, investor psychology, and a fair amount of randomness. Long-term, the market is driven by investment quality, income, and value. We choose a long-term view when we make investments for our clients. Long-term growth takes time. History shows that patience and paying attention to the fundamentals of investment result in solid performance.

Risk Management

Asset allocation—the mix between stocks, bonds, and cash—has the most impact on risk and returns. We determining an appropriate portfolio structure based on your goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. We want your input because the right structure depends on your specific circumstances. Our educational, in-depth process helps us determine the right investment mix for you. 

Keep Investment Simple

Our industry has made the investment process more complex than it needs to be. We follow a smart approach to investing that focuses on quality, current income, cash flow, and valuation. Balance sheet strength and dividend yields serve as performance markers. We don't ask, "What is the best stock to invest in right now?" We take a long term view, do not focus on quarter to quarter performance, and believe in patience in investing.

Fee Based Structure

We are compensated based on the assets under management, rather than by commissions. We do not sell high cost insurance products, or mutual funds that pay upfront commissions or ongoing fees. This structure aligns our interests with our client’s interests and eliminates the incentive for trade activity or product selection based on payout. We are here to serve you.

Control Costs

Over time, minor differences in cost have a significant impact on your return. We avoid high cost mutual funds and insurance products. Instead, we focus on individual securities and low cost mutual funds to reduce what you pay. Assuming a 5% return, saving 2% on fees for a $500,000 investment could provide $58,000 of annual income for 20 years. Make your money work for you.

Your Financial Roadmap

We believe you deserve a comprehensive financial roadmap from a trusted, local adviser who is committed to working in your best interest. A roadmap with milestones to help get you to your destination. A review process to let you know you are on track and reflects changing goals and priorities.

Don't wait. The key to future financial freedom is creating a plan now!

At Allied, we learn your story to help you build the future you see when you close your eyes.

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