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  • What's a Fiduciary?

  • A Different Kind of Relationship

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What's a Fiduciary?

Your interests come first.

The investment industry can be confusing with its own terminology and countless titles for its representatives (financial advisor, investment advisor, wealth manager, investment broker, financial planner, etc.). However, one thing is clear, clients deserve an advisor that acts in a fiduciary capacity when advising them on their investments.

A fiduciary is an individual or organization that acts on behalf of another person with the utmost honesty and integrity. Fiduciary financial advisors must:

  • Put their clients interests before their own.
  • Act in good faith and provide all relevant facts to clients.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest and disclose any potential conflicts of interest.

Why we're the right advisors for you.

At Allied, your interests always come first.

We invest where you invest. We believe in our investment process and invest our own money and family money in the same strategies we recommend to clients.

A Different Kind of Relationship

Allied is locally owned and operated. We're financial advisors—serving Montana, Wyoming, and the surrounding region. When you call, you will always talk to a member of our team who knows you by name. We understand your goals because of the time we spend throughout the year visiting with you about your life and your investments.

The value of accountability.

We've already mentioned we invest our own family's money in the same places we'd invest yours, but we think the transparency goes beyond that. All investment decisions are made locally with the ability to talk directly with our team making these decisions. We do our own research and don’t believe in outsourcing the investment process. You'll never see us pass blame or responsibility to "corporate" or "the guys downtown". It's how we've always done business, we don't know another way.

Our Simple, Transparent Fee Structure

1.2% on the first $1 million

1.0% on next $2 million

.90% on next $2 million

.80% thereafter

Minimum portfolio value of $250,000 to provide advisory services. This minimum is negotiable.

It’s really that simple!

Finding the Right Advisor

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Investment Process

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The Allied

The Allied Difference
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Finding the Right Advisor

Ask the Hard Questions. It's your money and your future. Get the answers you need before you agree to invest.

Questions Any Advisor Should Answer. How are they compensated? What is their investment philosophy? If they can't answer or give a vague answer—walk away. Are they a fiduciary? Fiduciaries are legally required to put their clients first. It's your money. Demand answers.

Allied Can Answer Your Questions. We are vetted. Our hiring process is rigorous. We hire experts with values. We are fiduciaries. We invest our money where we invest yours. We are available to clients. Call, email, or come by the office!

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Investment Process

Getting Started With Allied. After we get your accounts set up and any funding sources transferred, we work with you to create a plan. And once we're on the same page, we start investing.

No Two Investment Plans Are the Same. We create individual investment plans for each client, based on your retirement goals, risk tolerance, income and liquidity needs, return requirements and financial resources. And we help you stick to your plan, despite market highs and lows.

Diverse Portfolios Are Healthy Portfolios. Individual stocks are 35-45% of the portfolio, dividend stock mutual funds are 40-50% of the portfolio, and Vanguard sector exchange traded funds are the other 10-20%. We never depend on one investment to fund your future.

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Relationship Process

We Get To Know You. Our in-depth discovery process allows us to understand and define your objectives. We want to know every client.

We Respect Your Boundaries. You complete a risk evaluation survey that helps us determine product allocation for you. No right or wrong answers, just where you are. We create a plan that helps you manage risk, improve potential performance, and keep your portfolio in line with your goals.

We Continually Review and Evaluate. We regularly meet to review your portfolio and determine any adjustments needed. And we evaluate performance and communicate results. We are accountable to you.

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Your Financial Readiness

Money Management is For Everyone. Smart money management early means more time to grow your earnings.

Investing Is For Today and Tomorrow. When we talk to clients about financial readiness, we don't just mean getting from here to retirement. We also consider the now. Your investments should help build a future, without robbing the present.

Be Ready For the Unexpected. Major life events happen to everyone. And if you're unprepared, the unexpected—deaths, college expenses, job loss, medical events—can derail your plans. We work with you to stay on track and take care of the present.

Relationship Process

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Your Financial Readiness

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Our Clients

We want to serve our clients, get to know them, and grab coffee with them. Here at Allied, every meeting and every phone call matter.

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